No Loitering Is Not The Normal Retail Vibe

“No Loitering” is not the normal retail vibe I get from Sheetz. Welcomingly lit, operating day and night, with a tag line of “The Kitchen is always Open,” I never hesitate to stop, and have even used Sheetz as a meeting and gathering point for outings. Late nights I have unflinchingly pumped gas, while local motorcyclists have gathered to talk, smoke, and snack on the tarmac nearby. Why this Sheetz needs a “No Loitering” sign is beyond me. But documenting it as part of my Retail Regulatory Signs I must.

Retail No Loitering Longer Than 30 Minutes

No Loitering Longer Than 30 Minutes

Wendy’s onsite rules are regulations are quite severe. In short No Loitering Longer Than 30 Minutes. No loitering, no soliciting. no outside foodstuffs, limit of 30 minutes for consumption of your food, restrooms for customers only, and management MUST enforce these rules. The ending is softened a bit by “Your cooperation is appreciated.” But to defend Wendy’s this was seen in New York City, and with 8.4 million potential customers, order must be maintained somehow if everyone is to be served. Wendy’s also provides extensive nutrition information, but possibly more than you can get through in the 30 minute time limit. Seen in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NYC.

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No Loitering Longer Than 30 Minutes
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Best Stuff Excluded From Promotional Offers

Best Stuff Excluded From Promotional Offers

No Jewelry. No Beauty. No Consumables. All “Best Stuff Excluded” is excluded from any and all promotional offers. Tough sh_t!. Questions? The footnote tells you “See Associate for Details.” Complaints? No recourse is offered. See you Congressman. Are these sunglasses covered? Again, you’ll have to ask.

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Buyers Regret Return Policy
$4,000 ALNO You Break It You Bought It
You Bought It, You Own It!
All Sales Very, Very Final

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What Happens To Shoplifters in Retail?

What Happens To Shoplifters? A valid copy writing technique is complete reversal of Headlines … so this warning could equally well be “Shoplifting Has an Impact for Life” or “Shoplifting: It’s Not Worth The Risk.” I would have emphasized the second and not the even wordier approach actually employed “Shoplifting can leave a person with a record and impact their life.” If you want to be playful, how about the Monopoly approach of “Go Straight To Jail, Do Not Pass Go?”

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Entry Door Warning Decals For Grocery Retail

If you intend to shop at this institution you need to know the regulations via these Entry Door Warning Decals. No you have no excuse for violation a restriction like “No Animals” “Shoes and Shirt Required” “No Smoking” minimum alcohol age and hour restrictions, even no “E-Smoking.” But on the positive side, WIC … Women Infant and Children … Program Vouchers Accepted. All clear and comprehensible? Then come on in. Seen at Wegmans.