Starbucks Cashwrap Round-Cornered C-Channel

Starbucks Cashwrap Round-Cornered C-Channel

Given the pivotal position on the approach to a Cashwrap, blunted, shelf-edge Round-Cornered C-Channel Endcap would seem to be an advisable, safety-related detail of this Permanent Point-of-Purchase Endcap Display. Deep chocolate brown, a color befitting Starbucks merchandising, makes details difficult to see. But the easing of the corner is unmistakable. Don’t you make the mistake of missing such an important design upgrade for a high-traffic area. See from various distances in the gallery of images immediately below, Then scroll down for more round-cornered outfitting and coffee merchandising across retail.

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Starbucks Round-Cornered C-Channel Endcap

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