Flip-Front Talker Straight-Entry Pegboard Scan-It

Flip-Front Talker Straight-Entry Pegboard Scan-It

Normally called a Scan-It, this Straight-Entry Scan-Arm-Only Hook allows positioning of Product, Price, and Scan Code information anywhere in proximity of an item, in this case, Garden Hose. With a large Label Holder this is a Flip-Front Talker or Small Sign Holder that allows flexible placement on the Pegboard. The Flip-Front Label Holder is articulated allowing forgiving movement as nearby product is removed. If disturbed, the Flip Front Label Holder ultimately falls back to a vertical, readable position. Straight-Entry allows positioning in tight spaces between merchandise or close under overhanging shelves completing the display. Images courtesy of Trion Industries, Inc Fixture Showroom.

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