Pin-Stopped Waterfall Hooks for Heavy-Weight Frisbee Sales

Pin-Stopped Waterfall Hooks for Heavy-Weight Frisbee Sales

The Frisbees are classed as 200 gram Heavy-Weight but use of the heavy-duty Pin-Stopped Waterfall Hooks was more a visual merchandising presentation choice than load-bearing requirement.  Pin-stops created staged positions for multiple Frisbees. Sell the first and the second appears properly faced for another sale. A lighter-weight Waterfall Hook would be enough for these Frisbees. But rather than custom order, consider the use of Utility Hooks like this already in use, say, in Hardware. Seen in the fixtures showroom of Trion Industries Inc.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Trion Industries Inc. (Trion® stylized as TRION and TrionOnline) is the originator of the first Straight Entry Display Hook in 1965, and the first Scanning Hook in 1978. Today it is among the top North American Retail and Point of Purchase Fixture Manufacturers with offerings ranging from display and scan hooks, to storewide labeling systems, anti-theft and security fixtures, bar merchandisers, cooler merchandising systems, and Point-of-Purchase components and hardware. The company has earned over 120 United States and International Patents and offers prototyping, custom design, and custom manufacturing services.

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Pin-Stopped Waterfall Hooks for Frisbee Sales
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