Six-Gun Single-Action Revolvers Welcome

Six-Gun Single-Action Revolvers Welcome

Six-Gun Single-Action Revolvers Welcome at Pie-O-Near Pizza and possibly even Double-Action revolvers. And you know that it’s a local business, convenient, with quick delivery because “Near” is part of the name. Revolvers are safer, less prone to failure, and can be “fanned” if you need the rapid-fire of a semi-automatic. So come out of the closet you revolver users. There is now a Pizza place just for you. Glock users not welcome. My concealed carry of choice is a modern, non-revolver, non-auto, 45 caliber DoubleTap derringer design. No Pizza for me, here or with the Glock users. But it certainly fits nice in my motorcycle jacket pistol pocket.

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Six-Gun Single-Action Revolvers Welcome
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