Firepit Grill D.I.Y. Expanded Metal Platforms

Firepit Grill D.I.Y. Expanded Metal Platforms

If your needs are more aesthetic than functional grilling, a Firepit is what would suit your needs. Here you have your choice of portable and freestanding models than can even outfit your wood deck as well as patio and yard. A seasonal item, Lowes goes totally do-it-yourself with informal stacks of cinder block columns and Firepit Grill D.I.Y. Expanded Metal Platforms as display top. And rather than get bogged down in heavy fire pit construction, you are encouraged to just grab-n-go with a ready-made Firepit. Choose your size, style and height. And though maybe not suitable for steak and salmon, you can still easily roast hot dogs, marshmallow, and smokes. Outdoor living and cooking doesn’t get much better than that!

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