Color Label Strip Category Definition multi-channel hook label strip

Multi-channel Hook Color Label Strip Category Definition

One of the simplest, yet nevertheless most visual approaches to Category Definition is by Color Label Strip across shelf-edge or multiple Hook fronts. The Color Label Strip can extend the length of the aisle or display, be gondola width or shorter, blanket the aisle, or change color by shelf level. In addition the Label Strip can be color only, or serve as sign or talker with a printed message. Single strip, multiple strip, angled strip, Bullnose and more offer additional means of definition and emphasis. See many of these concepts employed in the examples below.

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BACKSTORY: Category management is a retailing and purchasing concept in which the range of products purchased by a business organization or sold by a retailer is broken down into discrete groups of similar or related products; these groups are known as product categories (examples of grocery categories might be: tinned fish, washing detergent, toothpastes). It is a systematic, disciplined approach to managing a product category as a strategic business unit.[1] The phrase “category management” was coined by Brian F. Harris. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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