Red-Bull Wings-For-Every-Taste Dangler

Red-Bull Wings-For-Every-Taste Dangler

This Red Bull Wings-For-Every-Taste Dangler promotes its four flavors and color-coded formulations with a play on its tag line. A shelf-edge “Wiiings For Every Taste” Shelf talker dangler says it all, reinforced by full-color photo, and full-color shelf stock. Getting tricky and playful, look close to see Red Bull puts emphasis on the active element of the positioning statement with the spelling of”W-i-i-i-ngs.” Bet you hardly noticed as you mind interpreted it correctly, even with the added “i-i-i-ngs” emphasis. Consider from various angles in the Red-Bull Wings-For-Every-Taste Dangler gallery of images.

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Red-Bull Wings-For-Every-Taste Dangler
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Red-Bull Wings-For-Every-Taste Dangler
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