Tag Heuer Neon Hexagon Honeycomb

Tag Heuer Neon Hexagon Honeycomb

Tag Heuer Neon Hexagon HoneycombTag Heuer Timepieces (not wrist watches) is the brand tagline of this vibrant Tag Heuer Neon Hexagon Honeycomb. Memnonic to say the least. Tag Heuer marketing and sponsorships are modern and trendy. Easy to imagine after seeing these Neon Hexagon Honeycombs as in-store display. Not true neon in execution, but neon in colorful effect. If you think a bit garish a display for a fine wrist watch in a Jewelry store, know also that it was the most dramatic and stood alone in attention compelling outreach. Maybe that advantage overrides any affinity for looking like a traditional Swiss Watchmaker. Consider from several distances in the Tag Heuer Neon Hexagon Honeycomb gallery of images. Seen at Sydney Thomas Jewelers, The Mall at Short Hills, Chatham NJ.

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Tag Heuer Neon Hexagon Honeycomb
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Tag Heuer Neon Hexagon Honeycomb
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