Tag Heuer Branded Table-Top Mirror

Tag Heuer Branded Table-Top Mirror

Tag Heuer Branded Table-Top MirrorThere is a strategy behind this Tag Heuer Branded Table-Top Mirror. If you want to see how a watch appears, just look at it. If you want to see how you look in the wrist watch, look at the watch on yourself in a mirror. Of course in this modern era of the selfie, that would work too, but maybe far too personal. You want to see how you look in use as if you didn’t know you were looking at you. This table-top mirror branded Tag Heuer would accomplish your goal easily and without fanfare. My interest in it  is as a small scale fixture, retail amenity and branding element. Yours as part of the shopping experience. Seen at Sydney Thomas Jewelers, The Mall at Short Hills, Chatham NJ.

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Tag Heuer Branded Table-Top Mirror

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