Heavy-Duty All-Wire Pegboard Backplate

Heavy-Duty All-Wire Pegboard Backplate

Wide and tall, this Heavy-Duty All-Wire Pegboard Backplate provides support for any merchandise assigned to its product Frontwire. In this use, weighty, cast steel Mount Plates are not taxing in the least. Rotate the backplate through various angles of view via the gallery of images. Seen at Keystone Concrete Block, Scranton PA.

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Heavy-Duty All-Wire Pegboard Backplate
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Backplates are the point of attachment for Hooks to their Vertical Display Surface; Pegboard, Slatawall, Grid, Perforated Metal, and more. For large items or hefty loads, larger and successively stronger Heavy-Duty Backplate designs and construct are necessary.

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Heavy-Duty All-Wire Pegboard Backplate
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