Are You A Shoe-In For Bon-Ton Hiring?

Are You A Shoe-In For Bon-Ton Hiring?

Here the Are You A Shoe-In For Bon-Ton Hiring graphics are outstanding and as classy as the store. If you are a Shoe-In, why not apply for a post in the Footwear Department. First there is the prestige of working at a famous name store. Second I am sure there are merchandise discounts available to loyal employees. Pay? Who cares about that if your profession and shoes are the admiration of all? Interested? Follow the table-top sign instructions and apply Tell them FixturesCloseUp referred you.

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Are You A Shoe-In For Bon-Ton Hiring?
Professional Bon Ton Fashion Recruitment Exhibit

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Are You A Shoe-In For Bon-Ton Hiring?
Professional Bon Ton Fashion Recruitment Exhibit
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