Obviously filmed in widescreen Panovision, this Concourse Video Billboard At The Mall At Short Hills presentation goes beyond normal 2-dimensional with 3-dimensional wrap around sidewalls. Viddy the video via the YouTube link above, or step through selected stills in the gallery of images below. The coverage is a mixed bag of sparkling gems, shoe style recommendations, and branded luxury watches. All combine to generally promote a broad spectrum of Mall clients. Seen at The Mall At Short Hills.

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Concourse Video Billboard At The Mall At Short Hills
Styro-Peanuts Packing A Mercedes Benz G63 AMG
Polar Bear Animaton Romps At Louis Vuitton
Mobile App Video Promotion at Shelf Edge
iFly Video Converts Browsers to Skydivers
Ritz Carlton Restroom Gentleman’s Gentleman
Super-Size Speakers as Escalator Drive-By
Fragrance Factory Brands With Gears-In-Motion Visual
Arenie® In-Store Sign Crawl Promos Catering
Bullseye’s Butt in Motion Tail Wag
Kate Spade® Bumble Bee In Motion
3D Holograph Demos Indestructible Speakers
In-Store Advertising to a Captive Market
Brighton® Purse Carousel in Motion
Jewelry Statuettes Pirouette
Sponge Bob® Rocks A Rocking Horse
Littmans® Jewelers Ringwalk Video Selfie
Louis Vuitton® Disco Display
Monkey-in-Motion Retail Metronome
Star Wars® Droid in Motion by Sphero®
Do-It-Yourself EZ-Build Robot Display In Motion
Retail Briefing: QR Codes Kill Kittens
Gillete® ProGlide Retail Demo In-Motion
Zoo Ride in Motion at the Mall
Target® Cart Escalator in Motion
Brookstone® Sand Sell With Video
Brookstone® 5-Slippers Video Pitch
Robot Feeds and Faces Retail Merchandise
Sam’s Club® FreeOSK Finish® Sample
Sam’s Club® FreeOSK Automated Sample Kiosk
Swarovski® Pink Petal Crystal in Motion
Swarovski® Irregular Crystals in Motion
Victoria’s Secret Reward Metronome in Motion
Pink® Secret vs Victoria’s Secret® Metronome Branding
Flicker Flames Draw Customers Like Moths
Macy’s “Look Book” Digital Callouts In Motion
Macy’s® Summer Dive-by Video is a Hummer
Second-Floor Swimwear Surprise in Motion
Nautica® Lighthouse In Motion
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Video
Lord & Taylor Drive-By Shooting
Valentine’s Day Drive By Shooting
Valenine’s Day Twinkle Heart Video
Swarovski® Peacock in Motion
Bose® Headphones Go For a Spin Video
Drive-By Shooting at Macy’s®
Citizen® Diamond Metronome
Swarovski® Crystal Pokemon Video
Secret Reward Heart Metronome
Starbucks Video Competes For Shelf-Edge Sales

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Concourse Video Billboard At The Mall At Short Hills
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Lush Fresh Handmade Organic Cosmetics
Short Hills Mall Presents Pantone Greenery
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Sign Up For Rewards At The Short Hills Mall
Special Offers Outfitting At The Short Hills Mall
Pepsi Brands The Mall Drinking Water Fountain”
Do Not Toss Coins From The Mezzanine and Above
Selling Steinway Outright In The Mall Concourse
Elevator Door Advertising Surprise
Spend Enough Money In-Mall and You Are a VIP
Mall VIP Lounge Invitation from Chase®
The New Luxury … The Mall At Short Hills Merchandised
Book-a-Tailor Dress Shirt Kiosk
Store Seating Selfie Spells Romance
Machu Picchu Mall Miniatures
Machu Picchu Selfie Invitation
Machu Picchu Pre-Columbian QR-Code
Machu Picchu Mall Video
Bentley® Branding One-upmanship
Mr. Roboto at the Mall
BFF Doctor Makes Mall Housecalls
Rolls Royce® Shopping at the Mall
Designer Tardis at Short Hills Mall
Monticello® Lay-Up Model at Mall
Selling the Race Car Not the Track
Immersive Video, Free Follow-Up
Do-Not-Touch Exercise Equipment

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