100th Anniversary Menu Branding by Wegmans

100th Anniversary Menu Branding by Wegmans

If you publish a catalog, promotional flyer, or recipe, why not use your publication as an additional form of outreach like this 100th Anniversary Menu Branding by Wegmans? More than just Holiday Menu suggestions, this magazine-like publication both promotes recipe-ingredient sales and Wegman’s 100th Anniversary. Walk through the gallery of images and see creative use of a Plate Stand as Literature or Catalog Rack and menu displayer.

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100th Anniversary Menu Branding by Wegmans
Shopping Bags as 100th Anniversary Brand Extension
Wegmans® 100th Anniversary Inflatable
Anniversary Love Labeling
Giant Nordstrom® Shopping Bag for Anniversary Sale
Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary

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100th Anniversary Menu Branding by Wegmans
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Literature Rack of Happy Thanksgiving Recipes
Awesome In-Store Christmas Catalog Holder
J Jill® Catalog is Store Entry Takeaway
Pottery Barn® Catalog Rack is High Profile
In-Store Catalog Rostrum
Store Entry Sign Doubles As Literature Holder
J Jill Store-Entry Catalog Display
UNIQLO Catalogs Free At Door
Target® In-Store Christmas Catalog
Target® Christmas Catalog Literature Pockets
Target® Christmas Catalog Out-of-Stock Message
Shelf-Edge Baby Catalog
Feiss® Mobile Catalog QR Code
IKEA® Pitches New Catalog

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