Henri Bendel Faux Fur Apparel Assurances

Henri Bendel Faux Fur Apparel Assurances

Henri Bendel Faux Fur Apparel AssurancesStay warm and look great with fur, says this Henri Bendel headform. But fear not. Henri is a good citizen of the planet and a friend to animals. All merchandise is clearly marked with Henri Bendel Faux Fur Apparel Assurances. Not one animal was harmed in the making of this headpiece, or for that matter, headform. Hurrah for Henri. Is your merchandise as planet-friendly and clearly marked? It should be, if only for shopper assurance and motivation. See the small inset photo for a Henri Bendel faux fur labeling example.

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Henri Bendel Faux Fur Apparel Assurances
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