Bakery Buffet Visual Merchandising at Bakery Delight

Bakery Buffet Visual Merchandising at Bakery Delight

If your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day table of baked goods doesn’t look as good as this Bakery Buffet Visual Merchandising, then you should have shopped at Bakery Delight, Plains PA. A do-it-yourself bed of cotton creates the Visual Merchandising effect of a blanket of fluffy white snow. Of course, there is an obligatory Christmas Tree, but the vast majority of Visual Merchandising staging and propping is the baked goods themselves. See them all in the gallery of images. Merry Christmas from Bakery Delight.

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Christmas Bakery Buffet Goes Full Vertical
Giant Engagement Ring As Merchandising Prop
Treasured Memories® Sold As Wedding Cake Toppers
Treasured Memories® Figurine Showcase For Baked Goods
Wedding Planner Literature Holder For Table-Top
Diet Cookie Split Ring Shelf Talker Sell
Oversize Apple Dumpling Sign Frame In Chrome
Party Candle Table-Top Spinner With Hooks

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