Lowes PowerCap Lighted Beanie Display

Lowes PowerCap Lighted Beanie Display

Lighted Beanies must be the in thing this Christmas Season. They have been seen and documented far and wide across retail. But a common factor seems to be extended-length Corrugated Display Hooks to maximize merchandising of these lightweight items. Good thing we are long past the use of heavy D-Cell Batteries to power our goodies. Step through the gallery for a walk-around. Compare with other point-of-purchase displays below. Seen at Lowes.

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” Shelf-Top Rack for Outdoor Cap Sales
Dick’s PowerCap Lighted Beanie Corrugated Display
Dick’s PowerCap Beanie Corrugated Scan Hook Details
Lowes PowerCap Lighted Beanie Display
Lowes PowerCap Beanie Corrugated Display Hooks

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