Coffee & Tea Maker Chalkboard Merchandising

Coffee & Tea Maker Chalkboard Merchandising

Coffee & Tea Maker Chalkboard MerchandisingChalkboard done right can have both an artsy feel as well as a hand-done sense of immediacy like this Coffee & Tea Maker Chalkboard Merchandising. That immediacy implies “act now before this offer expires and is replaced.” In this case, add to the appeal the wit and wisdom offered on tea and coffee as elixir and balm. What if you have multiple sites to sign? Always best to hand letter all for the best look, but yes you can easily print a chalkboard facsimile as here.  CLICK the thumbnail for my only criticism. Hanging the chalkboard high creates a gap the eye “falls” though to background offerings rather than being stopped in the foreground by the sign. I might have stood the chalkboard atop the display table or hung low. But those like me who can’t create are always the first to offer sight leak suggestions. What do you think? High or low on the chalkboard?

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