Post-It Super Sticky Notes Double Hooked

Post-It Super Sticky Notes Double Hooked

post-it-super-sticky-notes-plant-based-adhesiveAs a specialty item, Post-It Super Sticky Notes Double Hooked deserve and get special treatment. Personally I have never had a problem with regular Post-It note adhesion. But if you do, there is a Super-Sticky Solution to that. An extensive pallet of 15 colors requires double-hooking of the carded offering. And hanging two facings side-by-side, each twin hooked, merits foamcore promotionioanl sign and category definition. Why sign and define category at the bottom not top of the grouping? Maybe because the 15-pack of Super Stickies make such a great selling statement for themselves as is. Hookery is Bar Mount Scan Hook, only one of each pair outfitted with Plain Paper Label Holders.

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