Acrylic-Tray On-Shelf Facing Organizers

Acrylic-Tray On-Shelf Facing Organizers

If you have many small items to intermittently arrange on shelves, these Acrylic-Tray On-Shelf Facing Organizers are a unique solution. Use singly or in groups to corral and organize. Here they also Face the product, billboarding brand, name and use. Browse the gallery to see one from a variety of angles. Use as many or as few as your product assortments require, and move around the store as needed. Seen at Sally Beauty.

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Acrylic Flyover As On-Shelf Product Pedestal
Acryli- Tray On-Shelf Facing Organizers
Acrylic Bulk Bins On Pegboard Pin-Up Hooks

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Acrylic-Tray On-Shelf Facing Organizers
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