Acrylic Bulk Bins On Pegboard Pin-Up Hooks

Acrylic Bulk Bins On Pegboard Pin-Up Hooks

Create any size Bulk Bin display with these individual Acrylic Bulk Bins On Pegboard Pin-Up Hooks. Here a wall of Bins offers extensive merchandising opportunities at the tail end of the cashwrap, and facing the entry/exit. But you could create Bulk Bin sales opportunities anywhere to any degree with the versatile units. Go from overview to macro detail in the Acrylic Bulk Bins On Pegboard Pin-Up Hooks gallery of images. Seen at Sally Beauty.

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Acrylic Bulk Bins On Pegboard Pin-Up Hooks

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Pin-Up Hooks are small fixtures that essentially perform the role of Picture Hooks in Vertical Display. Pin-Up Hook variants are available for Pegboard, Slatwall, Grid and most other surfaces. They are useful in display of pictures, mirrors, clocks, and other merchandise, as well as Backplate Mounts for Endless Baskets and other fixtures.

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Acrylic Bulk Bins On Pegboard Pin-Up Hooks
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