Case Study: Ritz Carlton and The Aquimero

Case Study: Ritz Carlton and The Aquimero

BACKSTORY: Step outside of the magnificently marbled lobby of The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia and becomepart of history. From every direction of one of the city’s most luxurious hotels in downtown Philadelphia is a reminder of a nation’s birth and revolutionary thinking of cultural and culinary experiences ladled from the savory American melting pot, and testaments to innovation and commerce that still breathe life into the City of Brotherly Love today. The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia is one of few newly-renovated downtown hotels that embodies it all, inspired by what is beyond its walls to make every guest’s experience inside just as compelling. From the postcard guests receive at check-in and packages that connect visitors to some of Philadelphia’s most emblematic attractions and museums, to the Philadelphia-favorite Peanut Chew candies savored by our meeting guests, this luxury hotel is the place where guests will truly experience this distinctive city. Source: The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia.

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