Do-It-Yourself 2x4 Lumber As Boxer Faceout For Wreaths

Do-It-Yourself 2×4 Lumber As Boxer Faceout For Wreaths

“Boxer” fixture configurations point both ways, facing merchandise both front and back. Here plain 2×4 Do-It-Yourself Boxer Faceout For Wreaths do that on a mobile Triangular Frame. A bit open and lightly merchandised you might say. But the mobile frame wasn’t doing anything important this the off-season. So why not display and sell live Wreaths? The 2x4s weren’t busy either, and volunteered for extra duty in an instant. Inspect the do-it-yourself display in the gallery of images. Seen at Lowes.

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2×4 Do-It-Yourself Boxer Faceout For Wreaths

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Boxer Hooks, as well as anything of a “boxer” configuration contain horizontally opposed elements (See “Flat Engine“). In the case of Boxer Hooks, productwires extend in opposite directions, 180º apart, facing product both to the from and to the rear. Boxer Hooks are frequently, but not always found on Bar Merchandising Systems to outfit and provide merchandising space to both sides at one.

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