Starbucks Video Competes For Shelf-Edge Sales

Starbucks Video Competes For Shelf-Edge Sales

This Starbucks Video Competes For Shelf-Edge Sales in a seemingly competitive Christmas Coffee market. The video sells the “sizzle” like Chocolate Dipped Spoons, the Starbucks merchandise beyond sells the “Steak,” Starbucks coffee in ever popular Keurig Coffee K-Cup Pods. Hey! How about a Starbucks in-Coffee-Shop savings coupon with purchase of K-Cups for in home consumption? What a concept! Look over the shelf-edge video outfitting in the Starbucks Video Competes For Shelf-Edge Sales gallery of images. I did “tape” the video presentation for you, but my iPone “ate” it.

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Starbucks Video Competes For Shelf-Edge Sales
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Starbucks® Grab-N-Go Pack-Your-Own Power Lunch
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Starbuck®s Brand Logo Iconified
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Starbucks® In-Store Do-It-Yourself
Starrbucks® Banana Tray with Ceramic Label Holder
Starbucks® as Follower of Fashion

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Starbucks Video Competes For Shelf-Edge Sales
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