Stalactite Christmas Tree Ceiling Decorations Redux

Stalactite Christmas Tree Ceiling Decorations Redux

This Stalactite Christmas Tree Redux is a second deployment of stalactite ceiling Fir Trees to prove that creativity can strike twice in the same store location. I am a believer that ideas are a terrible thing to waste. So if you have one that works, use it to the max … just without over-use, making it trite and no longer compelling. This use of stalactite firs is far more open than the first case reviewed and points down into the interstices of Cosmetics, Jewelry, and Seasonal Items. Very much like a navigational “X Marks The Spot”. Follow the concept use immediately below. Seen at Macy’s.

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Stalactite Christmas Tree Ceiling Decorations Redux
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Stalactite Christmas Tree Decorations at Macys
Stalactite Christmas Tree Redux
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