iFly Souvenirs Cross-Sell Wall Niche

iFly Souvenirs Cross-Sell Wall Niche

Here a promotional video draws attention and crowds making the underlying, built-in iFly Souvenirs Cross-Sell Wall Niche prime real estate for merchandising Memorabilia. If the video is the draw, the wall niche is the follow through that closes with a sale. See that a Pillow at far right is one of the souvenirs. Given that the main Entertainment Retail offering is skydiving, this might imply some of the landings are a bit rough. Seen at iFly InDoor Skydiving, King of Prussia.

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iFly Video Converts Browsers to Skydivers
Maximum Skydiving Capacity Restricted to 194
Cake Visual Merchandising Cross-Sells iFly Skydiving
iFly InDoor Skydiving Baseball Cap Tower
iFly Souvenirs Cross-Sell Wall Niche
“iFly InDoor Skydiving Restroom Branding”

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