No Pet Sitters At Gourmanoff Gourmet Grocery

No Pet Sitters At Gourmanoff Gourmet Grocery

While a gourmet grocery that even offers Valet Parking, see that there are No Pet Sitters At Gourmanoff Gourmet Grocery. A heavy waste receptacle is available as an anchor for fido’s leash. Tethered he seemed quite calm and happy to wait for his owner. Probably because he knows a gourmet snack will be his reward. Since fido was sheltered within the store entry, sidewalk pet kidnappers missed him as a target. Nice pup. Seen at Gourmanoff Gourmet Grocery, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

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No Pet Sitters At Gourmanoff Gourmet Grocery
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No Pet Sitters At Gourmanoff Gourmet Grocery
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