Peak-Season Electrical-Plug Bulk Bin

Peak-Season Electrical-Plug Bulk Bin

Just a bit of thought and you surely would come to this Peak-Season Electrical-Plug Bulk Bin merchandising conclusion. Outdoor and indoor lighting, not to mention electric trains and lawn inflatables, peak for Christmas. So bulk bin sales of Electrical Plugs, Connectors, Adapters, and Extension Cords would peak too. If you were very smart you might invest in Electrical Connector Futures on the Commodities Exchange. Almost as smart would be Bulk Bin positioning of these products as here. Step through the gallery for a tour of the Corrugated presentation. See the main image for this season’s hottest selling Plugs spelled out across the display front. Seen at Lowes.

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Peak-Season Electrical-Plug Bulk Bin
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