McCormick Shelf-Edge Tray Spice Cross Sell

McCormick Shelf-Edge Tray Spice Cross Sell

McCormick Shelf-Edge Tray Spice Cross SellMcCormick Shelf-Edge Tray Spice Cross Sell indeed. What better location for McCormicks Grill Mates Hamburger flavorings than unabashedly cross-sold in front of both Heinze and Hunts Ketchup. But the C-Channeled, Shelf-Edge Tray is the cross-sell idea and hardware of the retailer since used for other pitches like the Spaghetti Aisle shown. Rounded corners eliminate snagging of passersby yet provide a label and Bib Tag space. C-Clamp mounts make for solid attachment, but Phillips Head rather than Thumbscrew attachment requires tools for assembly and relocation. Consider the thumbscrews for easier tool-free use.

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