How To Hook A Kiwi Shoe Lace Display

How To Hook A Kiwi Shoe Lace Display

There are as many ways to skin a cat as there are to Hook a Shoe Lace Display. Here Kiwi has elected 1” Grid as the Display Surface because of the flexibility of 1” vertical spacing, and the infinite horizontal positioning possible. Outfitting is mainstream Metal Plate Scan Hook for Grid with Extruded Plastic Label Holder upgrades. Do know that the Metal Plates and Label Holders come in a range of sizes if you need a scooch more free space in the display arrangement. Also, consider running your Metal Plate vertically to save even more space. But if too many Hook variables make your head hurt (My day-job company Trion, offered 25,000 SKU variants) you can always fall back on the tried-and-true standard as here. Consider the resulting merchandising effect in the How To Hook A Kiwi Shoe Lace Display gallery of images.

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