Euro-Design Modular Pergola Retrofits All Gondola Types

Euro-Design Modular Pergola Retrofits All Gondola Types

What impresses is that this CAEM Euro-Design Modular Pergola Retrofits All Gondola Types to immediately create an in-store Pergola or Space Frame, and define retail areas and and merchandise categories. The system requires no fabricators or contractors, just in-store shopfitting. It is designed to carry low voltage rail so lighting can be added as needed, and of course it would be perfect for (and possibly primarily used as) lighting display. But given its installation flexibility, don’t limit your vision. Look beyond that to other overhead display, store design, and retail decor applications. Shipped flat, ready for assembly, only the correct Upright Extension need be ordered to fit your specific Gondola manufacturer. All other components are universal. Consider the visual and merchandising possibilities in the Euro-Design Modular Pergola Retrofits All Gondola Types gallery of naked images below, and embedded stocked image at right. Images courtesy  of CAEM Shelf Engineering, Italy.

EDITOR’S NOTE: FixturesCloseUp presents hardware information of interest to retailers and point-of-purchase designers regardless of source. No remuneration was involved in the publication of this post. Images Courtesy of CAEM Shelf Engineering, Italy.

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Euro-Design Modular Pergola Retrofits All Gondola Types
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Euro-Design Modular Pergola Retrofits All Gondola Types

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