V.I.P. Fruit Monkeys Run Amoke At Littman Jewelers

V.I.P. Fruit Monkeys Run Amoke At Littman Jewelers

V.I.P. Fruit Monkeys Run Amoke At Littman JewelersHaving a special in-store event? Do make it special as do these carved V.I.P. Fruit Monkeys Run Amoke At Littman Jewelers. Bizarrely cute they speak out with personality, and guide visitors to the snack table. And while Monkey itself not normally on the menu, these are edible after the cut fruit and other snacks are gone. I am not sure how long hand-sculpted fruit remains fresh-looking, but we visited half-way through the affair and the Monkeys still looked perky. Step through the gallery of images to meet the Monkeys.


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V.I.P. Fruit Monkeys Run Amoke At Littman Jewelers
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