Diamond Party Peafowl and Peacock Feathers

Diamond Party Peafowl and Peacock Feathers

Diamond Party Peafowl and Peacock FeathersNothing is fancier than these Diamond Party Peafowl and Peacock Feathers … except maybe live Peacocks strutting and calling. Here Littman Jewelers uses them to decorate a side table at one of their Diamond Parties offering in-store values as well as Diamond Trunk Sales and on-site, while-you-wait appraisals. Peafowl are Asiatic and Indian, so the African wood carving is just a bit out of place, but not noticeably so. The look was still exotic and decorative. The in-store presentation is always classy, and my wife and I find good values so we are on Littman’s list. Eat your heart out Zales®.

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Diamond Party Peafowl and Peacock Feathers
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