Party Candle Table-Top Spinner With Plug-In Display Hooks

Party Candle Table-Top Spinner With Plug-In Display Hooks

A small-footprint Party Candle Table-Top Spinner With Plug-In Display Hooks maximizes point-of-purchase Party Candle offerings in a minimum of space. Perfect for a small local bakery where the prime sell is the cakes and baked goods and little space is available for important, yet secondary, cross sells like this. See that portions of the display were picked clean of merchandise. Final fitout was via simple Safety Ball-End Display Hooks insterted in multi-mount tiers with coded slots to allow for space adjustments. Check it all out in the Party Candle Table-Top Spinner With Plug-In Display Hooks gallery of images below, with followup to candle merchandising and outfitting. Seen at Bakery Delight, Plains PA.

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