Hairbrush Holster for Shelf-Edge Bulk Bin Merchandising

Hairbrush Holster for Shelf-Edge Bulk Bin Merchandising

Hairbrush Holster for Shelf-Edge Bulk Bin MerchandisingThis Bulk Bin assemblage would overwhelm shoppers and be ignored without this Hairbrush Holster for Shelf-Edge to offer a Try Me example of each. The solution is a simple Holster or Quiver … one size fits all in terms of the Brush inventory. And yes the Try-Me is probably more of a hold-and-ruffle-the-bristles than stroke-through-your-golden-tresses trial. See that a printed 3D Point-of-Purchase Dimensional also slips into a shelf-edge holder to name and describe each Brush type. A QR code links any and all to online information. Inspect the display and outfitting in the Hairbrush Holster for Shelf-Edge Bulk Bin gallery of photos. Seen at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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