Cole-Haan Lighten Your Footfalls Display

Cole-Haan Lighten Your Footfalls Display

An Appalachian Trail Hiker I prefer a trail boot with some meat on it, but my wife waxes poetic of any footwear light as a feather. This is Cole-Haan Lighten Your Footfalls Display takes on that merchandising approach comparing the weight of their Tennis Sneaker to 5 tennis balls. The Tennis Sneakers visually tip the scales as lighter. This would definitely score a sale with my wife … if she played Tennis or wore Sneakers casually. The FixturesCloseUp interest is the construction and mechanics of the Balance Scale. A simple yet elegant prop, that one assumes, actually functions. Let’s hope it represents truth in advertising. Inspect the instrumentation in the gallery of images.

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Cole-Haan Lightens Your Footfalls Display
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Cole-Haan Lightens Your Footfalls Display
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