Adidas Delivers No Distractions No Restrictions

Adidas Delivers No Distractions No Restrictions

Adidas® sells the lifestyle not the shoe with the Zen-like tag line of “Break Into The Zone And Flow.” But the operative lead in is “No Distractions, No Restrictions.” My interest is the Pedestal presentation of the footwear, and typographic treatment of the tagline. You decide if distinctive and dramatic enough, or too recessive and Zen-like. One thing I like for sure is the rich black of the pedestals with Gold top, type and Adidas logo. These Pedestal might be more effective in-store engaging shoppers, than behind glass in the storefront. Check the gallery of images for zooms.

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Adidas® Delivers No Distractions No Restrictions
Adidas® AlphaBounce Billboard and Pedestal Duo
Official Caps by Adidas® S-Hooked
Adidas® Springblade Re-imagined
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Adidas® Hybrid Bar Trays

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Adidas Delivers No Distractions No Restrictions
Adidas® AlphaBounce Billboard and Pedestal Duo
Infant Shoe Icons Promote Features and Benefit
Stainless Steel Flyover Creates Pedestal in Menswear
Danish Modern Ottoman As Apparel Presentation Pedestal
Marble Runway For Shoe Merchandising
Mui Mui® Flats vs Louboutin® Heels
Frosty Shoe Pedestals
Stacked Carousel for Winter Socks
Crate & Barrel Mall Concourse Cubist Branding
Clear Pedestals or Stackable Museum Cases?
Natural Wood Cubes Naked
Retail Wire Furnishing Extreme
Liz Claiborne® Wrap-Around Pedestals
High Heels on an Awkward Angle
High Heel Pedestal at Karen Millen®
Nike® Cross Sell in Apparel
Nike® Perforated Starting Block
Curved Pedestal, Curved Racks
Pedestals Stack for High Heels
Pedestals Stack for Purses and Shoes
Loud Heels Sell Black Dress
Natural Stump Pedestals
Tray vs Pedestal in Visual Merchandising Display
Rene Caovilla® Coil Spring Sandals
Wolfords® Dazzle Paint Window
Wolford® Single Color Window Display
Sphere as Truncated Pedestal
Perfed Pegboard Box in Metal
Clarks® Shoe Plug-in Pedestals
Museum Case Shoe Pedestal
Loafer Pedestal by Louis Vuitton®
Elliptical Shoe Shadowbox
High-Heel Weitzman® Stained Glass
Winter Boots Speak of Spring
Shoe Pedestals Backlit
Shoe Pedestals Frontlit
Nike® Non-Slip Shoe Pedestals
Bostonian® Brass Shoe Pedestal
Skechers® Wear Sunglasses Too
Christian Louboutin® on a Holiday
Chanel® Shoe in Chains
Charlotte Olympia Shoe Pedestal
Rag & Bone® Boot-On-The-Ass
Steel-Toe Dress Shoe for Men
Michael Kors® Toehold on Brand
Kohl’s® Plug-in Pedestal for Shoes
Perforated Metal Shoe Box
Long-Stem Shoe Pedestal
Textured Architectural Block Pedestal
Pedestal for Ruby Red Slippers
Clear Children’s Shoe Pedestals
Boot Pedestal Exploits Jagged Rocks
Stonehenge for Shoe Worshipers

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