Go Topless With Mercedes-Benz Window Cling

Go Topless With Mercedes-Benz Window Cling

Go Topless With Mercedes-Benz Window Cling indeed. These window and metal-surface Clings challenge you to do the outrageous, “Go Topless This Summer” with a Convertible from Mercedes Benz, Manhattan NYC. This is a Summer Special at only $79,900 … just ask a Sales Manager. Mercedes Benz, Manhattan is the only corporately-owned dealership in the United States. For Mercedes Benz shopping, try-it-you-ll-like-it … for the extensive, multi-floor selection of models, professional staff, and especially their drive-right-in valet parking in Manhattan. Step through the Go Topless With Mercedes-Benz Window Cling gallery of images to inspect this offering.

BACKSTORY: Mercedes Benz Manhattan is the only MB owned dealership in the United States. A flagship “boutique” dealership, it occupies a mega, multistory building on a 330,000 square foot lot on 11th Avenue between 53rd and 54th Streets. One of its most impressive amenities (to me) is auto-opening-garage-door access to drive-right-in, valet parking within the building. Just drive up and you and your vehicle will be welcomed in with open arms. Our favorite Mercedes Benz Manhattan associate: Sheik Nabijan, sheik.nabijan@mbusa.com, 212-629-1408. Ask for him by name, you won’t be disappointed. Get a full tour of the facilities and inventory as we did.

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