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Pocono Skydivers Wait Queue Amenities: Bean Bag Toss

The wait time for your lift to altitude at Pocono Skydivers can be a while, others have to go up and then fall back to earth before you can take your turn. Smart marketing to provide waiting risk-takers with diversions like this skydiver branded Bean Bag Toss. If your wait is long enough you can actually get good at the game. My wife was ultimately able to get to 5 scores in a row. Now what amenity can you conceive of to make your customers wait time bearable?

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Wait Queue Amenities: Branded Bean Bag Toss
Wait Queue Amenities: Outdoor Checker Board
Clearly Sign Retail Risks For Customer Safety
No Fumar on the Flight Line, Por Favor
Texaco® Aviation Fuel Suggests No Smoking On Site

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Cornhole Toss Gondola-Backer Poster
Regulation Cornhole Toss Board Shelf Display
Shelf-Top Cornhole Board Sign Holder

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” Bean Bag Furniture Corralled by LoveSacs ”
Wait Queue Amenities: Branded Bean Bag Toss

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Wait Queue Amenities: Branded Bean Bag Toss
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