Monkeying Around Modern Furnishings at Dane Decor

Monkeying Around Modern Furnishings at Dane Decor

Though much of the store expensive planation Teak, it was still a surprise to find actual Teak Wood monkeys hanging about Dane Decor® of Downingtown, PA. Odd merchandising elements enliven the shopping experience, and engage customers. Know that the rarest-of-the-rare props like this articulated Monkeying Around Modern Furnishings at Dane Decor example were permanent Mascot and Visual Merchandising elements and not purchasable … even under threat of loss of sale unless Monkey was included. Loved that monkey. Visit him close up via gallery of images.

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Monkeying Around Modern Furnishings at Dane Decor
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Monkeying Around Modern Furnishings at Dane Decor®
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