Time Magazine’s This Is The World’s Ugliest Brown Color

If you hate Brown, you’ll really hate this Brown. In any event this particular color, Pantone  448 C has 2 primary purposes for being. One is to actually dissuade purchases. Link out to the Time® article “This Is The World’s Ugliest Color — And It Has An Important Job” to learn the why’s and wherefores. The second purpose is more important to me and nearer and dearer to my heart, my collection of Brown color in use in fixtures and point-of-purchase which itself touches upon package design, color and branding.

What is a good use of Brown in branding? UPS! Read one explanation for its use at “Why is UPS Brown?” A better explanation I once heard but cannot document is that UPS® needed to initially compete with the United States Postal Service and wanted to look staid, business-like, quasi-govermental, and definitely not flashy. Need another good use of Brown in branding? The Hershey Chocolate Company®. Thing Brown to unimportant a color to fight over? Read of the classic Hershey Creamery® trademark dispute here.

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 For Brown Fixtures by Title see…
Try Using This Brown to Discourage Purchases
Starbucks® Happy Hour Days Happily Extended
Starbucks® Happy Hour Mounts Are Paper Clips
Tasso Elba® Metal Contours Precision Cut by Laser
Macys® Star And Sight-Unseen Tag Line
Gormanoff® Circular Wrought Iron Rack
Papyrus® Long View of In-Store Branding
Starbucks® Delivery Truck Branding Sucks
Retail Candy Counter Built for Browsing
Burlap Necktie Merchandising Form Curves
Find-Your-Foundation Fold-Out
Bendel® Branded Butterfly Hook
Paper Wine Bottle Sales
NutriBullet® Angles for Aisle Traffic
NutriBullet® Tall Customer QR
Up-Facing vs Vertical Shelf-Edge Labels
Paper Clip Straight-Entry Hook
Two-Foot Tray for Pet Condola
Semi-Permanent Declined Bin Dividers
Leverage® Winter Rebar Branding
Garden Chime Self Merchandising
Hook Arms as Declined Trays
Wood Wainscoted Pegboard
White Hooks, Chocolate Pegboard
Gondola Kickout In Bulk Candy
Gondola Kickout Label Holders
Multi-Message Tool Branding
Henri Bendel® Branded Backwall
Shelf Paper by Henri Bendel®
Henri Bendel® Pet Sunglasses
Henri Bendel® Canine Chic
Henri Bendel Tosses Pets a Bone
Relaxed Corrugated Silhouette
Gluten-Free Pet Food Pitch
Deconstructed Dress Form
Catch 22: Recycle or Throw Out
Plastic Slatwall Bins For Sophisticates
John Bartlett® Branded Pet Beds
Henri Bendel® Gems Branded Brown
Wegman’s® Craft Your Craft Beer
Estèe Lauder Pamphlet Array
Tip Jar Passes Out Appreciation
Color-Coded Nail Polish
Brown Powdercoat Matches Wood Decor
Forever 21® Brand Permanence
USPS® Welcome Mat Sells Service
Brown Paper Sales Psychology
M&M’s Branded Bling on Display Hooks
White Hooks on Chocolate Paisley
Individual Slats as Slatwall
Godiva Chocolate Easter Stands
Social Media Fluent in Fashion
Dinner Menu on Roll of Brown Kraft Paper
Chocolate Label Holders for Easter
Starbucks as Follower of Fashion
Little Brown Bag Lives On As Card
Godiva Chocolate Labels Face Up

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