Retail Design and Point-of-Purchase Website Comparison v2

Retail Design And Point-of-Purchase Website Engagement Comparison

FixturesCloseUP Retail Fixture Reviews Avatar 400x400bOf all the retail design and point-of-purchase websites, yours truly, FixturesCloseUp has the greatest reader engagement with 3.15 pages per reader, 2:01 minutes on site, and the lowest Bounce Rate of 27.04%. The picture looks even better if you factor out the “bounces” and get to 4.32 page views per visitor with average time on site of 2:46 (some longer, some shorter, obviously). So if you have been enjoying what you read on FixturesCloseUp you are not alone.  And while FixturesCloseUp does not have the greatest number of readers (yet), it has the most committed and engaged readers. Thanks for that.

Don’t forget to review the “How to Research” “Index Page” “Pinterest Board” and “How to Share and Follow” Menus for tips on quickly finding the information you want and need in store outfitting and retail point-of-purchase. And if you have requests or suggestions, please leave as comment below.

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