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FixturesCloseUP Retail Fixture Reviews Avatar 400x400bWhen is there too much of a good thing? Hard to say, but FixturesCloseUp just posted its 8,000 fixture review … the good, the bad, and the ugly … in over 550 categories … by generic fixture and famous designer brand name .. plus every other which way. Why should you care? Because some dark and dismal day you may need to research a fixture question, outfitting solution, or visual merchandising solution, and more likely than not, you will be able to gain some insight through the resources of FixturesCloseUp. Take a moment today to review the “How to Research” “Index Page” “Pinterest Board” and “How to Share and Follow” Menus. When you finally need them, they may save your retail life.

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For those who follow FixturesCloseUp as Content Marketing tool and Niche Media outlet, I continue to share the operational details above as shared insight. In terms of post pattern and activity, Fall and Winter are the best fixture seasons, and a light day is 3, 100-200 word posts, a heavy day 6 or more posts. While the “General Rule of Content Marketing” is the more posts the better I find that there is only “Moderate” relationship in B2B (not B2C) between “post frequency” and “daily traffic.” And even the total number of “Google Indexed Pages” (A.K.A. posts) is not the be all and end a of traffic generation. I do find that “good posts” continue to generate traffic for years, and that large numbers of “lightly trafficked” topics (Long-Tail Marketing), do add up to significant traffic over time or even daily.

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