Offset Front Fencing - High Divider

Offset Front Fencing With High Open-Wire Divider

Need more than the average amount of on-shelf binning, consider Offset Front Fencing With High Dividers. The extended “Offset” Fenced Frontstop adds capacity and shelf outreach, while the Tall Dividers put the “bulk” in your on-shelf Bulk Merchandising. Others call this purely Bin or Interlocking Fencing. You might try all terms … Offset Interlocking Bin Fencing when searching or speaking with your venders. Click through the gallery of Offset Front Fencing images to inspect. These seen in the Showroom of my day-job employer Trion Industries, Inc.

Compare and contrast directly…

Offset Front Fencing With Low, Open-Wire Dividers
Offset Front Fencing With High, Open-Wire Dividers

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