Special Invitation to Macys Bag + Bag Sale

Special Invitation to Macys Bag + Bag Sale

The Assistant Store Manager pumped my hand enthusiastically and invited all 120,000 FixturesCloseUp readers to come partake of this silhouetted foamcore Bag + Bag promotion. Is it a Two-fer, or more, because looking closely the visual merchandising reads Bag+Bag+Bag+Bag” in words and purses top to bottom. I’ll leave you in suspense, and hope that you will visit a Macys® to browse the offering. And how nice to be so warm received by store management. Maybe FixturesCloseUp reputation preceded me? I enjoyed the handshake, camaraderie,  and the casually done visual merchandising.

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Special Invitation to Macys Bag + Bag Sale
” Mommy and Me Children’s Apparel Shout Out

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Special Invitation to Macys® Bag + Bag Sale
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Special Invitation to Macys® Bag + Bag Sale
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