How To Shop For Romance at Target

How To Shop For Romance At Target®

How To Shop For RomanceWhile FixturesCloseUp normally chronicles the merchandising front-end of a shopping trip, here is a How To Shop For Romance back-end result. Knowing a couple returning from a trip, my wife schemed to provide a sensual homecoming, outfitting the entire scene … bed linens, 10 pillows, various and sundry designer pillow cases, candle holders and candles, candy, plush toys, and scantily-clad underthings .. all from Target®. Well, okay, so maybe you might have to shop the “Baby Doll” and surely the champagne somewhere else unless the Targets® in your state host Wine and Spirits shops, which they do not in mine.

The evening was a success … step through the gallery of How To Shop For Romance below … and so is this reporting as segue to the FixturesCloseUp outfitting threads below:Bed MerchandisingBed Linen” “Pillow Merchandising” “Candles” “Candy” “Plush Merchandising” “Wine and Spirits” “Lingerie” and “Victoria’s Secret Fixtures.” The only thing missing from the scene are Champaign Flutes which are not missing from FixturesCloseUp outfitting covered under “Cup, Glass and Stemware.”

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