Clip Service - RetailWire Site Relaunch

Clip Service: REtailWire Website Re-Launch

RetailWire Refresh ButtonWhether left-brain or right-brain, FixturesCloseUp appeals to the outfitting and visual merchandising side of your retail brain. To feed the other half (which ever it may be) click on over to newly refreshed website for a stimulating discussion forum of all things non-fixture. And while FixturesCloseup mostly has only a single editorial brain, RetailWire offers a “brain trust” for commentary. So do browse RetailWire for non-fixture topics of interest. But always come home to FixturesCloseUp for that warm, cuddly yet hard-hitting hardware reporting. And if you are impressed by Brain Trusts, I could use a day off and will gladly turn operation of FixturesCloseUp over to you, your brain, and your brain-y cohorts. Fixture palace coups are encouraged, if not outright invited. Just know I leave with a portion of any Fixture Crown Jewels.

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Retail Clip Service: RetailWire® Website Re-Launch
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FixturesCloseUp 2015 Nov Yearly Totals

For a Quick Read of FixturesCloseUp Assets
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