Kobalt Color Codes Confusing In-Store Tool Display

Kobalt Color Codes Confusing In-Store Tool Display

This Kobalt Color Codes Confusing In-Store Tool Display is a messy, irregularly-faced offering of a famous and respected brand. And maybe I am not the best judge, but what would be a good system in theory fails in use. Red stripes on might mean SAE English System Sockets. Or does the Blue Field, not Green, overlaying the Drive Side say Metric Socket on a 3/4 inch English System drive? The Lifetime Guarantee logo embellishes the hang card, but catchy SFL Sockets For Life is missing. Display-wise look close to see that outfitting is All-Wire Metal Plate Label Holder Scan Hooks, but some feature upturned and some downturned Product Arm Ends. Proof that you need to stay on top of all elements of a rich and complex product line to get all elements to work together. Consider in various views in the Kobalt Color Codes Confusing In-Store Tool Display gallery of images.

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