Kiehl's Do Not Touch The Harley-Davidson Warning

Kiehl’s Do Not Touch The Harley-Davidson Warning

Kiehl’s® takes great pride in sharing their pink 2011 Harley-Davidson® Softtail Deluxe with you in store. Just be careful, Kiehl’s Do Not Touch The Harley-Davidson Warning says outright. A pink Harley surely chosen to appeal to Kiehl’s® female clientele, but attracts male bikers like me too. How I wish I had a partner to ride with, but failing an on-road partner I am happy enough to sit at home with my non-riding wife. FixturesCloseUp supposed interest the signs and sign frames. But I include views of the bike in the Kiehl’s Do Not Touch The Harley-Davidson Warning gallery below in case you care to see the protected booty.

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Victorinox® Branded Dutch Bicycle Raffle
Kiehl’s Do Not Touch The Harley-Davidson

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