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Geode And Mineral Sample Mini Slab Stand Displayers

From precious and semi-precious stones, it is only a hop, skip and jump to geode display and sales, at least at this Jewelry store. You must admit the colors and shapes are intriguing, and something in the batch could be found to compliment or contrast with any decor, one-up or in multiples. The fixtures side is the teeniest, tiniest, easel-like Slab Display Stands for fossils, minerals, and geode exhibits (Think Plate Displayers only smaller). I suggest to you that the geode and Slab Displayer are a package deal, for neither is good without the other in a home exhibition. But beyond geodes, at least know that tiny stand like this exist and can be bought separately if you have curious Table-topmerchandising  needs. Seen at Baab Jewelry Showcase®, Mountaintop, PA.

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